((hello everyone! It’s the owner of the askblog/rp blog for XX route Ene here! 

Sadly enought this blog will have to go on an Hiatus for an while, as I and my family are moving out from my house. I am vary sad that we have to move and we dont realy have any new home yet so i and my family will have to move out to our country house for the moment. Im not sure if i can take my scanner whit me there and yhea ;; Hopefully i can take Pictures whit my phone even if they aren’t as good quality on them ;v; So yhea ;;

The Mun is also going on an con next week on the same weekend as we move out so that’s Another reason as she might not be on for an while-

I hope you all will wait for mine and XX Route Ene’s return ;v;

Thank you all for understanding!

-The mun/ownder of the ask/rp blog! ))


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{ ❇ } "Hello hello sweetie pies. Is there anything you need?"

   [“Oh-Emh.. Hello…”]

 The sound of someone’s voice came from the woman’s phone, wich had an kind of almost emotionless tone in it.  The cybergirl was looking up at the person who was holding the phone, wondering if she had noticed that she’s been there for long-


        [“…No, I dont realy need anything at all.. You can say that im just exploring a bit….”]

    [“…This body.. I can no longer controll it.. It’s breaking down..”]

            [“..The memories of mine.. and faces of people i used to know…. are fading away…”]                       [“.. I wonder if Everything ive done…”]

         [“….Have just ended whit me leading myself to this dead-end..”]